Research facilities & Collaborations

Our lab is equipped with following high performance computing components

  • 3 core i7 (24GB RAM) and 2 core i5 (16GB RAM) nodes including server machine.
  • Each node comprises of one or two of the following GPU cards.
    • GTX 780 (3 cards)
    • Tesla K40 (3 cards)
    • Titan (1 card)
    • Tegra TK1 (8 cards)
  • The nodes are connected with FDR (56Gbps) Infiniband Switch through fiber cable.
  • Four core i5 Viper machines with 8GB RAM
  • 2 Laptops having GPU 1050Ti and 940MX
  • UPS and Standby generator

Our lab has following setups and software

  • High Speed Networks using RDMA
  • MPI Cluster for High Performance Computing
  • Spark for big data analytics
  • CUDA Aware MPI
  • Deep Learning framework (CuDNN, Tensorflow, YOLO and Keras)

Our Research is supported through following collaborators


Microsoft                                                       Nvidia


Amazon                                                        BB