NCAI Research Fund Project: An AI-Based Adaptive Framework for Personalized E-Learning:

The aim of this project is to develop an adaptive and adaptable e-learning product for school going children. The developed product will utilize machine learning to assess the knowledge level of learners and detects learner’s preferred content modality to recommend learning resources that fulfills learning outcomes and learning needs.

NCAI Project Team:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) : Dr Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Fahad Sherwani
  • Research Associate: Yamna Ahmed
  • Research Associate: Mir Murtaza
  • Research Assistant: Shariat Mushahid
  • Research Assistant: Marium Usman

NCAI Project Team: (L-R) Shariat Mushahid, Marium Usman, Yamna Ahmed, Dr. Jawwad Shamsi, Dr. Fahad Sherwani, Mir Murtaza

NCAI Project Overview:

Problem Statement The problem statement addressed by the researcher is that School going children face serious issues in comprehension of the course contents. Further, many children don’t have access to school education.
Solution The solution proposed is to promote online education through adaptive and adaptable learning. In that, an AI based content recommendation engine is being built, which will deliver contents according to the level of the individual learner and through the implicitly preferred mode of content delivery
Unique Selling Proposition A unique selling proposition of this project is that the existing solutions for online education do not incorporate adaptive and adaptable learning. Hence they have limited impact on a learner’s ability to learn and comprehend the contents.
End Product The proposed recommendation engine will be integrated with SABAQ’s (sabaq.edu.pk) mobile-based online education application. It is expected that the end-product, with adaptive and adaptable learning recommendation, will yield enhanced learning.
Impact The impact of this project on Pakistan will be that the end-product can help in improving overall education system in the country. It can also yield overall improvement in the quality of education by delivering customized contents as per the needs of a learner.