Funded Projects

HEC NRPU Grant 2022-2024

Syslab has received a HEC NRPU grant to develop computer vision based solutions for smart cities. The grant will be used for a 30-month project, which will develop state of the art solutions in the domain. Cutting-edge solutions will be developed using advanced deep learning techniques. PI: Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi; Co-PI: Dr. Burhan Khan and Dr. Narmeen Bawany (JUWM).


The aim of this project is to develop an adaptive and adaptable e-learning product for school going children. The developed product will utilize machine learning to assess the knowledge level of learners and detects learner’s preferred content modality to recommend learning resources that fulfills learning outcomes and learning needs.

HEC NRPU Grant 2017

Our research grant proposal titled “Developing Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale IoT Devices in a Smart City “ has been accepted under HEC NRPU grant.