Funded Projects

E-Learning Project

Syslab received a research grant related to the application of AI for the betterment of education from National Center of Artificial Intelligence. The title of the research is “An AI Based Adaptive Framework for Personalized E-Learning”. The aim of the research project is to create an adaptive and personalized AI-based e-learning framework. The framework will also include a content recommendation system using machine learning techniques. PI: Prof. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi and Co-PI: Dr. Fahad Sherwani. Click for more details


HEC NRPU Grant 2017

We are pleased to announce that, our grant proposal titled Developing Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale IoT Devices in a Smart City has been accepted under HEC NRPU grant. The proposed communication infrastructure will be developed using SDN and GPUs at NUCES, Karachi. In this context, a high speed networking laboratory will also be setup.



NVIDIA Grant 2014

In 2014, our proposal received recognition from NVIDIA to establish GPU Education Center at FAST-NUCES – Karachi.

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