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April 2022: Syslab has received a HEC NRPU grant to develop computer vision based solutions for smart cities. The grant will be used for a 30-month project, which will develop state of the art solutions in the domain. Cutting-edge solutions will be developed using advanced deep learning techniques. PI: Dr. Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi; Co-PI: Dr. Burhan Khan and Dr. Narmeen Bawany (JUWM).

Mar 2021: Syslab received a research grant related to the application of AI for the betterment of education from National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI). The Principal Investigator PI is Prof. Jawwad A. Shamsi and Co-PI is Dr. Fahad Sherwani.

Mar 2021: Our paper titled as “CaPBug-A Framework for Automatic Bug Categorization and Prioritization Using NLP and Machine Learning Algorithms.” has been published by IEEE Access (2021). Congratulations to the team.

Dec 2020: Prof. Jawwad A. Shamsi authored book titled  “ Big Data Systems – A 360 degree approach” is being published by Taylor and Francis , CRC Publishers. For further details, click on the link

Dec 2020: Our paper titles as  “Resilience in Smart City Applications: Faults, Failures, and Solutions.”  has been published in IT Professional 22.6 (2020): 74-81. Congratulations to Prof. Jawwad A. Shamsi.

Dec 2020: Our paper titled as “Health Quest: A Generalized Clinical Decision Support System with Multi-Label Classification” has been published by Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences. Congratulations to Mr. Shahzeb

Aug 2020: Two of our Final Year Projects (Patient-centric healthcare using blockchain and Smart exam surveillance system) have been approved for funding by National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative(NGIRI). Congratulations to the team members.

Jun 2019: Our paper titled as “Understanding Network Requirements for Smart City Applications: Challenges and Solutions” has been published by IEEE IT Professional Journal. Congratulations to Ms. Nausheen Shoaib.

Nov 2018: Our paper titled as “A Comparison of Learning Techniques for Android Malware Detection Using Apache Spark” has been accepted by Journal of Engineering Science and Technology. Congratulations to Ms. Lareb Usman.

Nov 2018:  Our paper titled as “Generating Abstractive Summary Using Sequence to Sequence Attention Model” has been accepted by FIT (2018) . Congratulations to Ms. Tooba Siddique.

Aug 2018: Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Narmeen for her successful Ph.D defense.

Jun 2018: Our paper titled as “A Comprehensive Course on Big Data for Undergraduate Students” has been accepted by IEEE IPDPS

Jan 2018: Ms. Tania Iram joined as a PhD. Student

Nov 2017: Our paper titled as “GDPI: Signature based Deep Packet Inspection using GPUs” has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA). Congratulations to Ms. Nausheen Shoaib.

Oct 2017: Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Nouman Durrani for his successful Ph.D defense.

May 2017: Our paper titled as “Understanding privacy violations in big data” has been accepted by IEEE IT Professional Journal

Apr 2017: Our research grant proposal titled “Developing Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale IoT Devices in a Smart City “ has been accepted under HEC NRPU grant.

Feb 2017: Internee positions for final year students has been announced.

Jan 2017: Our Paper has been accepted by Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering. Congratulations to Ms. Narmeen Zakaria

Oct 2016: Naheed Azeem joined as a PhD. Student

Oct 2016: Shazia Usmani joined as a PhD. Student

Aug 2016: Our Paper has been accepted by Wiley Journal of Network Management. Congratulations to Noman and Feroz

Aug 2016 : Anam Qureshi joined as a PhD. student

July 2016 : Our paper has been accepted in IEEE CLoudNA

July 2016: Our Proposal has been for TiTan GPU cards has been accepted.

May 2016 : Jawwad Shamsi received travel grant for IEEE IPDPS

Mar 2016. Our Paper on Software Industry in Pakistan has been accepted in IEEE IT Pro.

Feb 2016. Our Paper on attribution in Cyberspace has been accepted for publication in Wiley SCN.

Dec 2015. Narmeen’s Paper on Smart City has been accepted for Publication.

Oct 2015: Jawwad Shamsi received HEC travel grant for IEEE LCN, USA

Oct 2015. Our Book Chapter has been accepted for publication in Securing Cyber Phsyical Systems. Taylor and Francis

Aug 2015 : Our Proposal titled “Software Engineering for Parallel Programs” has been accepted as Early Adopter Award by IEEE – TCPP . Investigators for this Proposal are : Jawwad A Shamsi and Zafar Nasir

July 2015: Our paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE Cloud-NA workshop (IEEE LCN 2015 conference). Authors of the Paper are: Fareha Sheikh, Habiba Fazal, Fatima Taqvi, and Jawwad A Shamsi

June 2015: Our Proposal for Big Data Systems book has been accepted by Taylor and Francis CRC Press.

May 2015: Our proposal to develop JETSON based parallel execution framework has been accepted by NVIDIA. Supercomputing on the GO!

Apr 2015: Jawwad Shamsi received Travel grant from IEEE TCPP/ NSF to present his work at IPDPS.

March 2015. Our papers on teaching High Performance Computing and Context-aware framework for Bio Informatics over Cloud are published in IPDPS workshops.

Feb 2015 – Proposal by Jawwad Shamsi, Mirza Zaeem, and Areeb Moin for Nvidia CUDA Research Centre has been accepted and we are now the first University in Pakistan to get this recognition.

Jan 2015 – Mr. Nouman Durrani’s Paper “Towards Real-time Result Verification using Checkpointing in Volunteer Computing Systems” is accepted as full paper to be presented at 18th IEEE ISORC 2015

Dec 2014 – Our paper on cyber security has been accepted in IEEE IT Professional.

Dec 2014- Jawwad Shamsi to present CUDA programming Tutorial at FIT 2014.

Nov 2014 – Jawwad Shamsi presented Tutorial on Bigdata Systems: NOSQL vs NEWSQL.

Oct 2014 – SysLab received Jeston TK1 – world’s fastest embedded processor from NVIDIA.

Sep 2014  – Taha Munir received student travel grant to present his paper on IEEE Collaboratecom 2014.

Sep 2014  – Our Paper has been accepted in IEEE Collaboratecom, Miami, 2014.

Sep 2014  – Our Paper has been accepted in BDA Edcon, 2014.

May 2014 – Our proposal for Nvidia Cuda Teaching Center has been accepted.

April 2014 –  NSF sponsored travel grant for IPDPS 2014.

Sept 2013 – Our paper Clicksafe has been accepted in IEEE HASE 2014.

July 2013 – Our Proposal for teaching PDC topics in undergrad core courses earned early adopter status.

June 2013 – Our Paper for  titled Volunteer computing: requirements, challenges, and solutions has been accepted in  J. Network and Computer Applications 39: 369-380 (2014).

March 2013 – Our Paper titled, Data Intensive Cloud Computing: Requirements, Expectations, Challenges, and Solutions has been accepted in the Springer Journal of Grid Computing. Impact Factor 1.3.

Feb 2013 –  NSF sponsored travel grant for IPDPS 2013.

Jan 2013 – Two Students joined for PhD.

Sept 2012 – Four new Students joined for MS thesis.

Aug 2012 – Eight new students joined for FYP students.

Aug 2012 – Our Proposal for Teaching courses of “High Performance Computing” and “Concurrent and Distributed Systems” earned early adopter grant from NSF/TCPP – Georgia Tech.

July 2012 – Feroz Zahid earned PhD. scholarship for Europe

June 2012 – Three MS students completed their MS thesis.

May 2012 –  SysLab team to build a private cloud using voluntary resources

March 2012 – Nouman Durrani earned EuroSys travel grant

Feb 2012 Access to Intel Manycore Lab is available

Jan 2012 Waqas Mahomood joins as a PhD. student

Jan 2012 – A paper titled “Cloud Computing Solutions for Internet Servoce Providers” has been accepted. The paper has been written by Sheeraz Ahmed, a student of the Cloud Computing course.

Sep 2011 – Our Journal paper has been accepted in Elsevier JPDC.

Aug 2011- Three new graduate students joined SysLab for MS Thesis

Aug 2011- Twelve new undergraduate students joined SysLab for Final year projects.

June 2011- SysLab receives 10 smart phones from Blackberry, Inc.

May 2011 – Our Project – Internet via SMS won second prize in the Innovative Business Idea at Procom 2011.

May 2011 – Our Project – Mfusion won first prize at PAF KIET

April 2011 – Our Project – Mfusion won first prize at Softech, FAST-NU Lahore

Mar 2011- Hadoop Cluster is setup

Feb 2011- MPI Cluster is setup

Feb 2011 – Nouman Durrani joined as a PhD. student

Sep 2010 – Amazon AWS accounts are available