Research Projects

The current focus of the SysLab team is to develop solutions and solve research problems related to many emerging topics in computer science and distributed/parallel systems. The continuous growth of Big data systems and evolution of NewSQL systems have highlighted many opportunities and applications. Similarly, advancements in Software defined Networking, Internet of Things, Cloud, Deep learning and Big data have opened corridors of research for a smarter Planet. The SysLab team is working on numerous possibilities.

Current Projects
  1. Controlling Smart-City Traffic using Machine Learning Detailed report:
  2. High speed networks for smart cities
  3. Security solutions for smart cities
  4. Data analytics for smart cities
  5. Stock market prediction
  6. Question answering system for Quran
  7. Data analytical for clinical decision support system
  8. Anamoly detection on blockchain
  9. Automatic grading for short answers
  10. Meeting SLAs using SDN
  11. Data analytics for medical records
  12. Bilingual chatbot
  13. Bilingual speech recognition
  14. Augmented Reality
  15. Crime detection
  16. Dynamic route computation
Previous Projects:
  1. RDMA based data transfer
  2. Malware Detection using Deep leaning
  3. Self Driving Cars
  4. Smart Traffic Management
  5. DDOS Attack Mitigation for Smart Cities
  6. Heterogeneous Volunteer Computing
  7. BGP Prefix Hijacking using Comparative Analysis
  8. A Backfill Based Scheduler with Job Running Time Predictor For Heterogeneous GPU Clusters
  9. Multi-threaded Implementation of Data Stream Processing Framework on GPUs
  10. Health Quest
  11. RCSDN: Resilient Controller Software Defined Network
  12. A comparative Analysis of Abstract Text Summarization
  13. Resource Manager for MapReduce Based Heterogeneous GPU Cluster
  14. GPU-Based firewall
  15. Signature-based pattern matching using GPUs
  16. XFast Pro
  17. Vdrive
  18. ClickSafe
  19. Cloud Security
  20. Advancements in Hadoop
  21. Botnet Mitigation
  22. Android Security
  23. Browser Security
  24. Volunteer computing for Mobile
  25. Virtual Machines on Cloud
  26. Fuzzy Clustering of Web Documents using Hadoop
  27. Nano Data Centers
  28. Cloud Simulator
  29. Botnets
  30. Light weight Hadoop
  31. Collaborative Computing
  32. Droid Cloud
  33. Data Intensive Cloud Computing
  34. Internet Privacy

Last Updated: November 2017