Welcome to Systems Research Laboratory

Pakistan’s First and Only NVIDIA Research Center


SysLab focuses on research and development related to Computer systems. In a broad spectrum, topics of interest include Cloud Systems, Internet-based distributed systems, mobile applications, Parallel Systems, High Performance Systems,  GPGPU Computing, Networks and Cyber Security, Deep Learning, and Software Defined Networking. Research @ SysLab is inspired by many considerations related to Security, Scalability, Quality of Service, Performance Enhancement, Networking, and Usability of these systems.

The Lab has several students working towards PhD., MS, and BS programs.


Motivated by recent advancements and popularity of Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing systems, SysLab focuses on research and development of these two different but related domains. Cloud Computing can yield enhanced performance and usability for different mobile and Internet-based applications. Similarly, High Performance Computing can catalyze solution for many computational problems and yield increased performance for various applications related to data mining and extraction, simulation, data storage, and processing. SysLab team is concentrated on architecture and design of these systems and development of various applications which can benefit from emerging research of High Performance Computing and Cloud Systems.

Researchers at SysLab are also inspired by the growing opportunities offered by Smart Cities in solving our daily problems and capabilities of Software Defined Networks in providing a flexible network management environment.